EMDR and My Cousin Vinny

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Mar 28 17

Have you ever seen the movie My cousin Vinny? I love the part when Marisa Tomei responds to Joe Pesci, (as he asks her if she likes what he is wearing as he is getting ready to go hunting) She describes the experience of the little deer peacefully sipping from the brook and then the hunter comes along and disrupts that peaceful moment, she asks do you really think the deer cares what your wearing! In the movie it is more descript and funny. Think of that little deer in the forest, the deer may startle and look up every time they hear wind rustling in the bushes, 99% of the time it is just wind. One time out of a 100 it could be Joe Pesci.
This is the story of EMDR.
People who have experienced trauma may respond in the same way, they may be hyperviglant to any ‘noise’, a potential physical or emotional threat. Often times they have negative beliefs about themselves, like I am defective, I am not in control, I should have known better.
Often times people feel shame when they hit the deck every time a car backfires. They feel if they were ‘stronger’ they wouldn’t respond that way. This is not how trauma works, untreated the brain runs the show.
I am happy to announce that I have completed my EMDR training and can officially say I am EMDR trained. I will continue the process towards certification through additional hours of consultation and CEU’s. I have joined the EMDR International Association, see link below. You can learn more about EMDR on their website. I have also included a link to the Institute for Creative Mindfulness, this is where I completed my training. Both sites offer a variety of general information and resources on EMDR. EMDR is an evidence based treatment that was founded by Dr. Francine Shapiro. Over the course of my training and practicum I was amazed at the results I was seeing and am eager to work with clients in offering relief from trauma along with a myriad of other issues that EMDR addresses.
What the sessions will look like:
In the initial sessions we spend time on identifying targets, stuck points in your life. We may explore mindfulness exercises and other resource based practices prior to reprocessing. EMDR reprocessing is a technique used to reprocess traumatic events or memories and the negative beliefs attached to them.
During reprocessing memories we use
bi lateral stimulation, using tappers or by simulating eye movements. Tapping is technique used to stimulate areas of the brain that hold traumatic memories. These memories can be “stuck” in the limbic brain (physiological system) resulting in a physiological responses rather than in the neocortex which allows for critical thinking.
EMDR treats this through reprocessing and bilateral stimulation, activating the brain in a way that my not be receptive to other methods.
I do work collaboratively and do not subscribe to the one size fits all theory. I do feel that ever client has their own needs and like to work with people where they are in their life. EMDR has a protocol that I do adhere to but I am flexible based on a client’s needs.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I wish you all the best!