Anxiety…Friend or Foe?

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May 28 15

Understandably the experience of anxiety can feel uncomfortable, painful and frustrating. It can block creativity and productivity. Most certainly reducing anxiety is an important place to start in therapy and a goal of many persons who live with constant anxiety. It can also be of use in understanding

It is important to remember to expect some anxiety, you may find that you are more anxious and feeling more angry with yourself when you try to fight it or are surprised by it. Remind yourself that the anxiety is a sign that you care, the outcome is important to you. You might ask yourself if your spending valuable time investing in something that it is not as important to you? In working with students with test anxiety we often review what stressors can be eliminated, often we find that they are spending time with other students who have a negative outlook or are participating in a study group that is not helpful. Prehaps you can’t avoid a negative work situation but you can limit your time in an area that has more flexibility.

You may ask the question, what is standing in the way of asking for help, who is in your support network? Where is the comfort in constantly running? Where does my mind go and what feelings come up in the quiet moments? What might I be avoiding?

A therapist is trained to listen for places where you may be stuck, offer help and support with finding other options.

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