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Aug 31 15

Yes, people can change…

Wanting to change and being able to change our very separate concepts. People can change, it is possible and part of the human experience. People do it all the time, it doesn’t matter how long they have been living.┬áPeople stop lieing and commit to rigorous honesty, people stop negative self talk, people start taking care of themselves, they get sober from dehabilitating addictions, they stop judging others and themselves… the list goes on and on….

In my experience change is more probable when there is support and help from others, be it a group or an individual.┬áBreaking habits is not easy to do alone but with the support of a trained professional or support group it can move from unlikely to probable. It doesn’t mean people can’t change on their own but why not get the support one deserves.

You can change.

Your relationship can change.

Your life can change.

Everyone deserves to to be happy, healthy and whole!

You may try taking a moment to reflect on your quality of life and ask the questions, what is going well? What could be better?