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Jun 6 15
Closure…a new normal ….
What does that even mean…
If you get to a road closure…dead end…don’t you find a new way…kick on the GPS or WAZE…
Grief can be like that. It reaches a dead end,  kicks on its GPS or WAZE and away it goes. It is smart like DNA, it always finds a way. A new way, insidious and penetrating.
It mutates…
The house has burned down, the ash has settled, the embers have cooled…now I can enter and sort through the charred remains of what’s left. You enter the house and new ash begins to fall, embers that appeared  black are now returning to that excruciating dull orange. You stand in the debris and wonder how can I sort through this when ash is still falling? When will it stop falling…
Things that may or may not help:
Grief is as individual as a fingerprint
Grief is fluid not linear, it has a life of its own and may move through you like the Eel river, upstream. It may be as wild as the current in Portsmouth Harbor or quiet and whispering like a Golden pond.
You will not get stuck on the couch watching bad TV and eating pizza. Do it when you need to for as long as you need to…You.wont.get.stuck.
How therapy can help:
Thoughts, feelings and beliefs can be discussed in a confidential place. Meaning you can say things to your therapist you may not want to say to friends and family. Maybe you are afraid to say it aloud, but it is there and you are holding it…alone.
Feeling relief when someone you love passes after a long illness can be hard to say but it is ok.
Therapy can help you learn how to talk to others about your grief, how to tell others what you need. Maybe talking about the person you lost is important to you but others don’t know that you need that or what to say.
Grief can be experienced in many ways for many reasons. A therapist can support you through this process of grief …sorting it through….one ash at a time.